Thiepval | 28 Sep 1914

Troops continue to head north, towards the general vicinity of Arras. Heavy fighting at Thiepval.


Outside Albert, the French are still just about in possession of Maricourt and Thiepval. The Germans renew their efforts, this time concentrating on pushing their opponents off Bazentin Ridge, in their continuing quest to find somewhere high for the Kaiser to go up and see his house from. In not entirely unrelated news, the salient at St Mihel is still holding out against heavy French counter-attacks.


Meanwhile, the siege artillery last seen bombarding Maubeuge has been transferred to Antwerp, with a gratifyingly large number of spiky helmets in tow. The BEF is still winding its way north. Reinforcements are being gathered in Blighty, but they’re still not quite ready to leave. The Royal Marines are easily removed from the Channel ports, and this is done, but they could still do with a lot more men. Fortunately, the First Lord of the Admiralty, one Winston Churchill (never heard of him!) has a Good Idea up his sleeve, and soon will be the time to play it. The precise story of Churchill’s Good Idea is in a separate post about the Royal Naval Division.

Meanwhile, on the Eastern Front, that German Army marching on Warsaw begins to meet Russian resistance, well in advance of the River Vistula. This is the result of von Hindenburg giving the Russians the derriere velocite out of Prussia, pausing to look around and see how his Austrian allies are getting on, and going “wait, what the fuck are you all doing over there?” The Austrian retreat has left Silesia potentially wide open, and a new 9th Army has been quickly formed to do something about it, presumably with muttered imprecations along the lines of “if you want a job doing properly, do it yourself…”

Actions in Progress

Battle of Flirey
Battle of Albert
Siege of Antwerp
Battle of the Vistula

Further Reading

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