Julna | Easter Rising | 24 Apr 1916

Siege of Kut Today sees the final, desperate throw of the dice for relieving the Siege of Kut. A large paddle steamer, the Julna, has Continue reading Julna | Easter Rising | 24 Apr 1916

Nyasaland | 22 Jan 1915

We’re heading deep into the British Empire today, to Nyasaland (now Malawi). The regime in Nyasaland is an excellent subject to raise with anyone who Continue reading Nyasaland | 22 Jan 1915

North Sea | 15 Dec 1914

Time to go back to sea. Big things are afoot (aship?) in the North Sea. First, we’ll sweep up the last day of the increasingly-misnamed Continue reading North Sea | 15 Dec 1914

Cocos | Emden | 09 Nov 1914

There’s far too much all happening at once right now. Germans attack north of Ypres! British land troops in Mesopotamia! Berbers in Morocco giving the Continue reading Cocos | Emden | 09 Nov 1914

Tanga | 04 Nov 1914

The fighting at Tanga turns today from “mildly embarrassing” into “completely humiliating” for the British commanders, and it’s the Germans’ turn to see a slightly Continue reading Tanga | 04 Nov 1914

Kilimanjaro | Nov 03 1914

The Ypres salient broods ominously. German guns are firing all along it, hammering its defenders again and again. The Germans are rather unsportingly remaining in Continue reading Kilimanjaro | Nov 03 1914

Yser | 16 Oct 1914

It’s a big day in Flanders.  The Allies make several important gains, and the Germans begin their advance against the Belgian last-ditch positions on the Continue reading Yser | 16 Oct 1914