Warsaw | 06 Dec 1914

Big events on the Eastern Front (again; I’ve been saying it a lot, but there have been!) Meanwhile, the French Operations Bureau vacillates. Again. Lodz Continue reading Warsaw | 06 Dec 1914

Desertion | 02 Dec 1914

The lull in major events continues.  We’ll have a quick dekko at the general situation on the Eastern Front, and then go on to talk Continue reading Desertion | 02 Dec 1914

Texel | 17 Oct 1914

The situation in Flanders is just about to reach boiling point, the Germans make an important decision in Poland, and there’s plenty of action at Continue reading Texel | 17 Oct 1914

Givenchy | 12 Oct 1914

The Allies open the Battle of La Bassee at Givenchy, Sir John French moves house again, and the Boers are revolting. Givenchy The BEF is Continue reading Givenchy | 12 Oct 1914

Thiepval | 28 Sep 1914

Troops continue to head north, towards the general vicinity of Arras. Heavy fighting at Thiepval. Thiepval Outside Albert, the French are still just about in Continue reading Thiepval | 28 Sep 1914

Maricourt | Meuse | 27 Sep 1914

If in doubt, try another flanking move. Am I right? Am I right? Heavy fighting today around Maricourt and St Mihiel, on the River Meuse. Continue reading Maricourt | Meuse | 27 Sep 1914

Stavka | Togoland | 7 Aug 1914

Warsaw The Russians now have yet another army, the 9th, massing at Warsaw, to march through Prussia on the heels of 1st and 2nd Army Continue reading Stavka | Togoland | 7 Aug 1914