First Champagne | 16 Feb 1915

The winter lull is well and truly over, and the war is heating up once more on all fronts. First Champagne is renewed today. Herbert Continue reading First Champagne | 16 Feb 1915

Formidable | 01 Jan 1915

The new year is a natural time to re-evaluate strategic possibilities; there’ll be plenty of that in the coming days. First, to the Channel, and Continue reading Formidable | 01 Jan 1915

Picardy | 23 Sep 1914

Move and counter-move on the Western Front; impatience in the East. Picardy The French have by far the better of the day in Picardy. They Continue reading Picardy | 23 Sep 1914

Belgrade | 29 Jul 1914

The downward spiral continues. SMS Bodrog The Austro-Hungarian monitor (a naval ship with large guns designed to operate in rivers rather than at sea) Bodrog Continue reading Belgrade | 29 Jul 1914