Catchup with the Italian Front | 1 Oct 1915

Italian Front It’s been a while since we looked over to the Italian Front. Second Isonzo ended only a month previously, but it already seems Continue reading Catchup with the Italian Front | 1 Oct 1915

Haricot | Attrition | 21 Jun 1915

Battle of Bukoba General Tighe has managed to assemble a force of some 1,500 rifles (and their much larger entourage of deemed-expendable African porters) for Continue reading Haricot | Attrition | 21 Jun 1915

Bulgaria | 26 May 1915

Bulgaria is currently in the enviable position of entertaining diplomatic overtures from both sides, who are quite convinced that of only they can bring the Continue reading Bulgaria | 26 May 1915

Gorizia | Lake Tanganyika | 21 Apr 1915

There’s been a lot happening on the Western Front recently. Today is a day where we can pause for a moment and widen our horizons Continue reading Gorizia | Lake Tanganyika | 21 Apr 1915

Split | 27 Mar 1915

Haggling continues between Italy, the Entente, and Austria-Hungary; the port of Split is proving a sticking point. The Friendly Feldwebel is still deep in the Continue reading Split | 27 Mar 1915

Adriatic | 28 Feb 1915

February judders to an end with little new occurring and little chance of anything getting better for the forseeable future. We’ll take a leisurely journey Continue reading Adriatic | 28 Feb 1915

Formidable | 01 Jan 1915

The new year is a natural time to re-evaluate strategic possibilities; there’ll be plenty of that in the coming days. First, to the Channel, and Continue reading Formidable | 01 Jan 1915