Ypres | 14 Oct 1914

The offensive spreads northwards, and the BEF marches into Ypres for the first time. Ypres In British memory, the Somme probably stands alone for outright Continue reading Ypres | 14 Oct 1914

Antwerp | 7 Oct 1914

Back to Richard Tobin and his Royal Naval Division mates in the ‘trenches’ at Antwerp. Antwerp Antwerp is a lost cause. The Belgian field army Continue reading Antwerp | 7 Oct 1914

Middle East | 2 Oct 1914

As the war continues to tick over, let’s have a look at the situation in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, with Italy and the Continue reading Middle East | 2 Oct 1914

Albert | Lille | 29 Sep 1914

A day of endings. The hardest fighting is about to move away from Albert and towards Lille. Albert Like Picardy before it, the Battle of Continue reading Albert | Lille | 29 Sep 1914

Maricourt | Meuse | 27 Sep 1914

If in doubt, try another flanking move. Am I right? Am I right? Heavy fighting today around Maricourt and St Mihiel, on the River Meuse. Continue reading Maricourt | Meuse | 27 Sep 1914

Konigsberg | Albert | 26 Sep 1914

Have I said enough times yet how inaccurate “Race to the Sea” is? It’d be like calling a football match “Race to the Sideline”. Anyway, Continue reading Konigsberg | Albert | 26 Sep 1914

Albert | 25 Sep 1914

It’s second verse, same as the first, in northern France, as the fighting sweeps north of the Somme. Albert The Germans cross the Somme south Continue reading Albert | 25 Sep 1914

Picardy | 23 Sep 1914

Move and counter-move on the Western Front; impatience in the East. Picardy The French have by far the better of the day in Picardy. They Continue reading Picardy | 23 Sep 1914