Landships | 28 Dec 1914

We’ve got a quieter day today, even down in the Caucasus. However, important events are still afoot! Nieuport The Belgians have continued attacking over the Continue reading Landships | 28 Dec 1914

Lombartzyde | Sarikamis | 27 Dec 1914

The Belgians are getting their war on again at Lombartzyde, First Artois and First Champagne grind back into life, and fighting reaches Sarikamis itself. Lombartzyde Continue reading Lombartzyde | Sarikamis | 27 Dec 1914

Ottoman raid on Russia | 29 Oct 1914

Once again, the big news today is away from the Western Front. The Ottoman Empire is now fully committed to joining the war, and launches Continue reading Ottoman raid on Russia | 29 Oct 1914

Polygon Wood | 25 Oct 1914

The German hammer comes down on the Yser again. They’re slowly expanding their bridgehead at Nieuport, and yet again they throw everything they have at Continue reading Polygon Wood | 25 Oct 1914

Menin | 18 Oct 1914

Flanders inches ever-closer to its fate.  German advance guards arrive in Roulers and Menin. 7th Division gets its orders. German infantry engages the Belgians all Continue reading Menin | 18 Oct 1914

Yser | 16 Oct 1914

It’s a big day in Flanders.  The Allies make several important gains, and the Germans begin their advance against the Belgian last-ditch positions on the Continue reading Yser | 16 Oct 1914