Limanowa | 03 Dec 1914

It’s another very important day in the East. Yet another major battle opens, as the Austro-Hungarians attempt to capitalise on a Russian mishap. And it’s Continue reading Limanowa | 03 Dec 1914

Desertion | 02 Dec 1914

The lull in major events continues.  We’ll have a quick dekko at the general situation on the Eastern Front, and then go on to talk Continue reading Desertion | 02 Dec 1914

Jam-tin bombs | Landships | 1 Dec 1914

The Eastern Front is about to boil over again; both Russia and Austria-Hungary are shuffling men around near Krakow and the Carpathians. There’s also some Continue reading Jam-tin bombs | Landships | 1 Dec 1914

Poland | 22 Nov 1914

Fighting continues around Lodz, at the Kolubara, and also near Krakow.  It’s an Eastern day as Germany, Russia and Austria-Hungary all squabble over Poland. Poland Continue reading Poland | 22 Nov 1914