Hill 60 | 09 Dec 1914

Qurna! Kolubara! Limanowa! And back to the Western Front, to the place known only as “Hill 60”. Battle of Qurna The Ottoman garrison surrenders itself Continue reading Hill 60 | 09 Dec 1914

Falklands | 08 Dec 1914

Quiet period of the war, my arse. There’s far too many treatments of it that would have you believe that the only thing of any Continue reading Falklands | 08 Dec 1914

Desertion | 02 Dec 1914

The lull in major events continues.  We’ll have a quick dekko at the general situation on the Eastern Front, and then go on to talk Continue reading Desertion | 02 Dec 1914

Jam-tin bombs | Landships | 1 Dec 1914

The Eastern Front is about to boil over again; both Russia and Austria-Hungary are shuffling men around near Krakow and the Carpathians. There’s also some Continue reading Jam-tin bombs | Landships | 1 Dec 1914

Dar-es-Salaam | Miranshah | 29 Nov 1914

The focus remains on India, Serbia and Africa, as the Western Front simmers nastily. Affair of Miranshah We’re still extremely diffy on information about this Continue reading Dar-es-Salaam | Miranshah | 29 Nov 1914

Afghanistan | 28 Nov 1914

Yeah, you heard me.  Afghanistan. There’s very little information available about today’s events in the North-West Frontier of India, but we’ll do the best we Continue reading Afghanistan | 28 Nov 1914

Trench foot | 27 Nov 1914

It’s another relatively quiet day, so I’m dipping into my Big Bag of Topics to Pull Out on Relatively Quiet Days. A quick rummage gives Continue reading Trench foot | 27 Nov 1914

Bulwark | 26 Nov 1914

The first phase of the Battle of Kolubara is coming to an end; but before we go to Serbia, let’s spend a moment in the Continue reading Bulwark | 26 Nov 1914

Covka | Alumni | 25 Nov 1914

The Austro-Hungarians are still advancing into Serbia; the Germans complete their escape from the Lodz pocket, and inconclusive fighting continues all along the Eastern line. Continue reading Covka | Alumni | 25 Nov 1914

Poland | 22 Nov 1914

Fighting continues around Lodz, at the Kolubara, and also near Krakow.  It’s an Eastern day as Germany, Russia and Austria-Hungary all squabble over Poland. Poland Continue reading Poland | 22 Nov 1914

Bombing | 21 Nov 1914

Today is another important day in the story of military aviation. Sub-Lieutenant Herbert Dennis Cutler returns to the air in Africa, and a raid is Continue reading Bombing | 21 Nov 1914

Rufiji Delta | Basra | 19 Nov 1914

Once again, we have a day light on action on the Western Front, and plenty to talk about elsewhere. Konigsberg There’s been a lot of Continue reading Rufiji Delta | Basra | 19 Nov 1914

First Ypres | 18 Nov 1914

The exact end date of the First Battle of Ypres is up for negotiation, but today’s as good a day as any to review the Continue reading First Ypres | 18 Nov 1914

Kolubara | 16 Nov 1914

As the relief of Ypres begins in earnest, it’s time for us to return to Serbia, where all this song and dance got started. When Continue reading Kolubara | 16 Nov 1914