Sedd el Bahr | 19 Feb 1915

The Royal Navy’s “extended operations”, beginning today with a forcing of the Dardanelles and ending with the landing of troops in Constantinople, are supposed to Continue reading Sedd el Bahr | 19 Feb 1915

Dardanelles | 02 Jan 1915

It happened, like so many other things in this war, because someone had to act on faulty or out-of-date information. Today marks the first step Continue reading Dardanelles | 02 Jan 1915

Turnagel | 29 Dec 1914

The year is drifting to an end. Enver Pasha’s chickens are about to come home to roost. Let’s get to it. Perthes Having stalled out Continue reading Turnagel | 29 Dec 1914

Warsaw | 06 Dec 1914

Big events on the Eastern Front (again; I’ve been saying it a lot, but there have been!) Meanwhile, the French Operations Bureau vacillates. Again. Lodz Continue reading Warsaw | 06 Dec 1914

Kitchener & French | Marne | 1 September 1914

The Great Retreat is coming to an end. Three important rearguard actions are fought today; meanwhile, Lord Kitchener makes an important intervention with Sir John Continue reading Kitchener & French | Marne | 1 September 1914

Paris | 31 August 1914

There is no significant fighting today, but the Germans make a vital strategic decision involving Paris, which is worth looking at in some detail. Paris Continue reading Paris | 31 August 1914

Samsonov | Great Retreat | 30 Aug 1914

The Battle of Tannenberg ends today, with severe consequences for General Samsonov. The Great Retreat continues in typically chaotic fashion. Samsonov & Tannenberg General Samsonov Continue reading Samsonov | Great Retreat | 30 Aug 1914