Kozincan-dag | 14 Jan 1916

Erzurum Offensive Yesterday we had a nice bit of tension going. General Yudenich’s slightly complicated plan is working, so far. The Ottomans have committed their Continue reading Kozincan-dag | 14 Jan 1916

War at sea | Eastern Front | 12 Jan 1916

Eastern Front General Joffre isn’t the world’s biggest fan of the Salonika expedition. However, he’s a practical man. Not only does it still have the Continue reading War at sea | Eastern Front | 12 Jan 1916

Spicer-Simson | Somme | Dec 26 1915

Spicer-Simson Let us now return to Africa and Lake Tanganyika.  It’s been a miserable, spartan Christmas for Spicer-Simson and the men of his ridiculous expedition.  Continue reading Spicer-Simson | Somme | Dec 26 1915

Goetzen | 05 Feb 1915

We’re in Africa again today. Last month I promised ridiculosity in the struggle for Lake Tanganyika. Today sees the Germans’ opening bid; and it’s a Continue reading Goetzen | 05 Feb 1915