Givenchy | 21 Dec 1914

It’s mostly another “more of the same” day. The French Army continues flinging itself on the German guns. Enver Pasha’s cunning plan is about to Continue reading Givenchy | 21 Dec 1914

First Champagne | 20 Dec 1914

It’s the busiest day in the West in quite some time; Petain’s mob is still wading towards Carency, the First Battle of Champagne is about Continue reading First Champagne | 20 Dec 1914

Umba Valley | Givenchy | 19 Dec 1914

First Artois continues to no great effect; tomorrow the French Army is going to launch their offensive in Champagne. Meanwhile, developments in Africa, in the Continue reading Umba Valley | Givenchy | 19 Dec 1914

Artois | 18 Dec 1914

We’ll rejoin the Western Front and the First Battle of Artois in a moment; but first, off to Koprukoy to check in with the Ottomans’ Continue reading Artois | 18 Dec 1914