Hartmannswillerkopf | 19 Jan 1915

A rare visit to the Vosges Mountains today as the Germans attack the Hartmannswillerkopf peak, and they also have Zeppelins in the air… Zeppelin raids Continue reading Hartmannswillerkopf | 19 Jan 1915

Yser | 16 Oct 1914

It’s a big day in Flanders.  The Allies make several important gains, and the Germans begin their advance against the Belgian last-ditch positions on the Continue reading Yser | 16 Oct 1914

Germany declares war on France | 3 Aug 1914

Belgium The inevitable media storm sweeps through France and Britain as the Belgian government distributes the text of von Moltke’s ultimatum. It’s quickly recognised as Continue reading Germany declares war on France | 3 Aug 1914