Farce | 10 Oct 1915

Farce at Loos I’ve had enough of calling this load of old crap a “battle”. A battle against sanity, maybe. But to my mind, a Continue reading Farce | 10 Oct 1915

Goldilocks mining | 19 Sep 1915

Mining As we’ve already seen, the ground under the Western Front is seething with mines and counter-mines as underground warfare continues to be an integral Continue reading Goldilocks mining | 19 Sep 1915

Third Artois | 4 Sep 1915

Iron Hindenburg On the home front, the Vienna-conceived fundraising exercise of building giant wooden nail figures to raise money for war widows is rapidly spreading Continue reading Third Artois | 4 Sep 1915

One shilling a day | 15 Jun 1915

A day of preparing things and making investments for the future, to be paid off later. Second Artois On the last day of artillery preparation Continue reading One shilling a day | 15 Jun 1915

Battle of Sarikamis | 22 Dec 1914

The Ottoman troops start advancing towards Sarikamis. Time for Enver Pasha to find out how much of a military genius he is. Battle of Sarikamis Continue reading Battle of Sarikamis | 22 Dec 1914

Givenchy | 21 Dec 1914

It’s mostly another “more of the same” day. The French Army continues flinging itself on the German guns. Enver Pasha’s cunning plan is about to Continue reading Givenchy | 21 Dec 1914

First Champagne | 20 Dec 1914

It’s the busiest day in the West in quite some time; Petain’s mob is still wading towards Carency, the First Battle of Champagne is about Continue reading First Champagne | 20 Dec 1914

Umba Valley | Givenchy | 19 Dec 1914

First Artois continues to no great effect; tomorrow the French Army is going to launch their offensive in Champagne. Meanwhile, developments in Africa, in the Continue reading Umba Valley | Givenchy | 19 Dec 1914

Artois | 18 Dec 1914

We’ll rejoin the Western Front and the First Battle of Artois in a moment; but first, off to Koprukoy to check in with the Ottomans’ Continue reading Artois | 18 Dec 1914

First Artois | 17 Dec 1914

Spot the Difference: The hour of attack has sounded. After having contained the attack of the Germans, it is necessary now to smash them and Continue reading First Artois | 17 Dec 1914

Kolubara | 16 Nov 1914

As the relief of Ypres begins in earnest, it’s time for us to return to Serbia, where all this song and dance got started. When Continue reading Kolubara | 16 Nov 1914

Reinforcement | 15 Nov 1914

8th Division has arrived in strength; the horrific weather in Flanders continues, and the Germans are showing less and less willing to keep attacking with Continue reading Reinforcement | 15 Nov 1914

Engineers | 23 Oct 1914

Today is a day of heavy fighting, but also a day of military engineers. There may be a lot of fighting going on, but unlike Continue reading Engineers | 23 Oct 1914

Langemarck | 22 Oct 1914

Another day in Flanders.  It’s now obvious to all that the German High Command has gone round headquarters with a set of tools, removed all Continue reading Langemarck | 22 Oct 1914

Yser | 16 Oct 1914

It’s a big day in Flanders.  The Allies make several important gains, and the Germans begin their advance against the Belgian last-ditch positions on the Continue reading Yser | 16 Oct 1914

La Bassee | Armentieres | 15 Oct 1914

The “Race to the Sea” ends (good, I hate that phrase), more steady advancement at La Bassee and Armentieres, and the clusterfuck at the Vistula Continue reading La Bassee | Armentieres | 15 Oct 1914

Armentieres | 13 Oct 1914

The Battle of Armentieres opens, and the 7th Division is on the march again. Armentieres One of the enduring questions of the Western Front is Continue reading Armentieres | 13 Oct 1914

Givenchy | 12 Oct 1914

The Allies open the Battle of La Bassee at Givenchy, Sir John French moves house again, and the Boers are revolting. Givenchy The BEF is Continue reading Givenchy | 12 Oct 1914