Landing craft | 19 Apr 1915

The Battle of Hill 60 (Belgium) continues, General Joffre pontificates again, and a closer look at the landing craft for Gallipoli. Hammer blows Many letters Continue reading Landing craft | 19 Apr 1915

Qurna | Mar 31 1915

Time to widen our focus again for a moment and get back to Mesopotamia, where things are starting to get rather hairy for Indian Expeditionary Continue reading Qurna | Mar 31 1915

Przemysl | 22 Mar 1915

Przemysl can’t hold out any longer, and the chaps in the Dardanelles continue drunkenly staggering onwards. Siege of Przemysl Przemysl surrenders. After holding out since Continue reading Przemysl | 22 Mar 1915

Bulair | 19 Mar 1915

In London, the War Council gathers to hear what’s been going on in the Dardanelles. First, we’re off behind the lines in France, to Bohain. Continue reading Bulair | 19 Mar 1915

Ghadir | Achi Baba | 03 Mar 1915

Is there any good news today for the Entente? What do you think? Let’s start in Champagne. First Champagne I wonder what Herbert Sulzbach thinks Continue reading Ghadir | Achi Baba | 03 Mar 1915

Italian Army | 01 March 1915

All the latest from Champagne and the Dardanelles, and a look at the Italian Army as it prepares to mobilise. First Champagne French attacks continue, Continue reading Italian Army | 01 March 1915

Dardanelles | 27 Feb 1915

Everything that’s been happening, continues to happen. Sound off! Forcing of the Dardanelles Having efficiently reduced the outer forts at the Dardanelles, the fleet now Continue reading Dardanelles | 27 Feb 1915

Souain | 26 Feb 1915

Preparations continue for the Battle of Neuve Chapelle, as does bombardment of the Dardanelles. But it’s time to go to Champagne first, where the French Continue reading Souain | 26 Feb 1915

Enver and the Armenians | 25 Feb 1915

With the weather finally clear, the Royal Navy (and their French mates) are finally able to start bombarding the Dardanelles again. Meanwhile, Enver Pasha is Continue reading Enver and the Armenians | 25 Feb 1915

Camouflage | St Mihiel | 12 Feb 1915

We’ve got a pretty stacked deck today. It’s all going on, so let’s get to it. First up, GQG at Chantilly, where General Joffre is Continue reading Camouflage | St Mihiel | 12 Feb 1915

Glasgow | 02 Feb 1915

The Ottomans begin their final advance on the canal, and we’re looking at the British home front in more detail. Suez Canal Under cover of Continue reading Glasgow | 02 Feb 1915

Singapore | 27 Jan 1915

As the Chilembwe Uprising sputters and dies, more sparks are about to fly elsewhere in the Empire. Singapore On the outbreak of war, garrisons of Continue reading Singapore | 27 Jan 1915

Leaning Virgin of Albert | 26 Jan 1915

Yes, those four words belong together. I’ll explain them in a little while, but after we’ve checked in with Nyasaland and Mesopotamia. Chilembwe Uprising A Continue reading Leaning Virgin of Albert | 26 Jan 1915

Chilembwe Uprising | Jan 25 1915

John Chilembwe’s efforts in Nyasaland continue, and there’s the fallout from the Battle of Dogger Bank to consider. Also, if you care about British generals, Continue reading Chilembwe Uprising | Jan 25 1915

Nyasaland | 22 Jan 1915

We’re heading deep into the British Empire today, to Nyasaland (now Malawi). The regime in Nyasaland is an excellent subject to raise with anyone who Continue reading Nyasaland | 22 Jan 1915

Lake Kivu | 15 Jan 1915

It’s an African day. About now, there’s a meeting between British and Belgian military representatives at Lake Kivu. (Today it’s on the border between DR Continue reading Lake Kivu | 15 Jan 1915