Kolubara | 16 Nov 1914

As the relief of Ypres begins in earnest, it’s time for us to return to Serbia, where all this song and dance got started. When Continue reading Kolubara | 16 Nov 1914

Reinforcement | 15 Nov 1914

8th Division has arrived in strength; the horrific weather in Flanders continues, and the Germans are showing less and less willing to keep attacking with Continue reading Reinforcement | 15 Nov 1914

Lodz | 12 Nov 1914

It’s still bloody hot in and around Ypres. In a great example of the effects of fog of war, General Haig is now more worried Continue reading Lodz | 12 Nov 1914

Nonneboschen | 11 Nov 1914

Well, this is it. Today the Prussian Guards are going into action at Ypres to spearhead the offensive. Behind the defenders is the artillery; behind Continue reading Nonneboschen | 11 Nov 1914

Cocos | Emden | 09 Nov 1914

There’s far too much all happening at once right now. Germans attack north of Ypres! British land troops in Mesopotamia! Berbers in Morocco giving the Continue reading Cocos | Emden | 09 Nov 1914

Hollebeke | 08 Nov 1914

Again denied useful intelligence by the atrocious weather, the Germans are still poking at various parts of the Ypres salient from Pilckem to Hollebeke, to Continue reading Hollebeke | 08 Nov 1914

Francis Orme | 07 Nov 1914

The British Official history notes that “The 7th November was misty and marked the definite commencement of winter weather. Henceforth, mud seriously interfered with operations, Continue reading Francis Orme | 07 Nov 1914

Rats, shells, corpses | 06 Nov 1914

Another day full of shells, shells and more shells on the Western Front. The last five days have been full of me writing variations on Continue reading Rats, shells, corpses | 06 Nov 1914

Wytschaete | Caucasus | 2 Nov 1914

Russia and the Ottoman Empire finally get round to formally declaring war on each other today. They’re about to open hostilities on a completely new Continue reading Wytschaete | Caucasus | 2 Nov 1914