Hill 60 | 09 Dec 1914

Qurna! Kolubara! Limanowa! And back to the Western Front, to the place known only as “Hill 60”. Battle of Qurna The Ottoman garrison surrenders itself Continue reading Hill 60 | 09 Dec 1914

Falklands | 08 Dec 1914

Quiet period of the war, my arse. There’s far too many treatments of it that would have you believe that the only thing of any Continue reading Falklands | 08 Dec 1914

Enver Pasha | 07 Dec 1914

Updates today from the Eastern Front, from Serbia, and Louis Barthas at Vermelles. Meanwhile, the Ottoman Empire prepares to re-ignite the campaign down in the Continue reading Enver Pasha | 07 Dec 1914

Warsaw | 06 Dec 1914

Big events on the Eastern Front (again; I’ve been saying it a lot, but there have been!) Meanwhile, the French Operations Bureau vacillates. Again. Lodz Continue reading Warsaw | 06 Dec 1914

Vermelles | 04 Dec 1914

The Western Front is beginning to warm up again; the other campaigns are still red hot. Not literally, obviously. It’s still freezing winter weather for Continue reading Vermelles | 04 Dec 1914