Mother | L19 | 2 Feb 1916

Mother It’s time for the official trial of Mother, the British tank prototype, attended by the great and the good. This being the case, the Continue reading Mother | L19 | 2 Feb 1916

Francis Orme | 07 Nov 1914

The British Official history notes that “The 7th November was misty and marked the definite commencement of winter weather. Henceforth, mud seriously interfered with operations, Continue reading Francis Orme | 07 Nov 1914

Ottoman raid on Russia | 29 Oct 1914

Once again, the big news today is away from the Western Front. The Ottoman Empire is now fully committed to joining the war, and launches Continue reading Ottoman raid on Russia | 29 Oct 1914

Penang | 28 Oct 1914

A series of actions all across the Western Front today, but first we’re going to Malaysia to catch up with our old friend the Emden. Continue reading Penang | 28 Oct 1914

Poelcappelle | 26 Oct 1914

Spirits are still high among the Allied commanders today. The French renew their attacks at Poelcappelle, north of Ypres; to the south, those dastardly Boches Continue reading Poelcappelle | 26 Oct 1914

Polygon Wood | 25 Oct 1914

The German hammer comes down on the Yser again. They’re slowly expanding their bridgehead at Nieuport, and yet again they throw everything they have at Continue reading Polygon Wood | 25 Oct 1914

Polygon Wood | 24 Oct 1914

Polygon Wood is either a large wood or a small forest about four miles east of Ypres, located on undulating terrain between the Gheluvelt plateau Continue reading Polygon Wood | 24 Oct 1914

Engineers | 23 Oct 1914

Today is a day of heavy fighting, but also a day of military engineers. There may be a lot of fighting going on, but unlike Continue reading Engineers | 23 Oct 1914

Langemarck | 22 Oct 1914

Another day in Flanders.  It’s now obvious to all that the German High Command has gone round headquarters with a set of tools, removed all Continue reading Langemarck | 22 Oct 1914

Ypres Salient | 21 Oct 1914

The German attacks in Flanders continue winding up. How much longer can the line hold in the face of it? Ypres 7th Division has received Continue reading Ypres Salient | 21 Oct 1914

Ypres | 20 Oct 1914

The Allies are once again well and truly on the defensive. Another grand plan to take the offensive in front of Ypres has fallen by Continue reading Ypres | 20 Oct 1914

Messines | Menin | 19 Oct 1914

The pendulum is swinging back towards the Germans. Their latest major offensive begins today, from La Bassee, through Armentieres and Messines, to Menin and Roulers, Continue reading Messines | Menin | 19 Oct 1914

Menin | 18 Oct 1914

Flanders inches ever-closer to its fate.  German advance guards arrive in Roulers and Menin. 7th Division gets its orders. German infantry engages the Belgians all Continue reading Menin | 18 Oct 1914

Texel | 17 Oct 1914

The situation in Flanders is just about to reach boiling point, the Germans make an important decision in Poland, and there’s plenty of action at Continue reading Texel | 17 Oct 1914

Yser | 16 Oct 1914

It’s a big day in Flanders.  The Allies make several important gains, and the Germans begin their advance against the Belgian last-ditch positions on the Continue reading Yser | 16 Oct 1914

La Bassee | Armentieres | 15 Oct 1914

The “Race to the Sea” ends (good, I hate that phrase), more steady advancement at La Bassee and Armentieres, and the clusterfuck at the Vistula Continue reading La Bassee | Armentieres | 15 Oct 1914

Ypres | 14 Oct 1914

The offensive spreads northwards, and the BEF marches into Ypres for the first time. Ypres In British memory, the Somme probably stands alone for outright Continue reading Ypres | 14 Oct 1914

Armentieres | 13 Oct 1914

The Battle of Armentieres opens, and the 7th Division is on the march again. Armentieres One of the enduring questions of the Western Front is Continue reading Armentieres | 13 Oct 1914