Mafia | 08 Jan 1915

No, not the Cosa Nostra. The Mafia we’re interested in is a small island off the coast of German East Africa. Mafia More specifically, it’s Continue reading Mafia | 08 Jan 1915

DIY weapons | 07 Jan 1915

With everything that’s been happening continuing to happen, it’s time for a quick dekko at the history and current situation of mortars. A brief history Continue reading DIY weapons | 07 Jan 1915

Etaples | 06 Jan 1915

Another day of minimal happenings (the Caucasus excepted) affords us an opportunity to look at a small French town whose name is soon to be Continue reading Etaples | 06 Jan 1915

Field Punishment | 05 Jan 1915

On the Western Front, General Joffre is shuffling his cards again, and brings First Artois to an effective close. I’m also having a look at Continue reading Field Punishment | 05 Jan 1915

The trenches | 04 Jan 1915

We’ve hit on a day with not a lot new happening; let’s go down to the trenches on the Western Front and see how the Continue reading The trenches | 04 Jan 1915

Britain in 1915 | 3 Jan 1915

At the risk of being Anglo-centric, today is an excellent day to stop and consider what Britain will be doing this year in the war. Continue reading Britain in 1915 | 3 Jan 1915

Dardanelles | 02 Jan 1915

It happened, like so many other things in this war, because someone had to act on faulty or out-of-date information. Today marks the first step Continue reading Dardanelles | 02 Jan 1915

Formidable | 01 Jan 1915

The new year is a natural time to re-evaluate strategic possibilities; there’ll be plenty of that in the coming days. First, to the Channel, and Continue reading Formidable | 01 Jan 1915

Rats, shells, corpses | 06 Nov 1914

Another day full of shells, shells and more shells on the Western Front. The last five days have been full of me writing variations on Continue reading Rats, shells, corpses | 06 Nov 1914