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When I started this project, as a series of forum posts back in August 2014, I had no idea it’d get as far as it has, or as comprehensive. But it has, and now I’ve created ebook versions of those blog entries that cover 1914 and 1915. 1914 is currently available; 1915 is open to pre-order, for release on March 28th.

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You can buy the books DRM-free in the Amazon Kindle Store at the following locations:

1915: The Pale Battalions

Amazon UK
Amazon USA
Amazon Germany

1914: These Are Our Masters

Amazon UK
Amazon USA
Amazon Germany

The book is also available in all other country-specific Kindle stores. If you have a choice, please go through the UK store. (Or buy it in both! So you have a spare, natch.)

Why do I need this in my life?

Both 1914 and 1915 are greatly revised and expanded from their original forms. The book of 1915 in particular includes a great deal more material on (among other things) the Eastern Front than appears on the website, which I simply didn’t have time to cover properly. Now it’s done.

And, while I do enjoy doing the daily updates, it does take up a significant chunk of time, and I can’t exchange readers’ goodwill in the wider world for goods and/or services. If there’s a little money coming in, it makes it that much easier to give priority to things like working up a buffer of future updates, or taking a few evenings to read ahead and get a skeleton for 1917 worked up.

Future schedule

I’m aiming to release the collected 1916 on or around Christmas Day 2016, and hopefully no later than mid-January.

3 thoughts on “Buy the book!

  1. I’ve preordered already. Thank you for putting this project together, and I hope you can continue until the end of the war, and perhaps, into the peace process.

  2. I’m certainly going to continue past the 11th of the 11th, if I get that far. How much further is up in the air, but the war certainly didn’t just immediately grind to a stop with everyone teleported back to their homes safe and sound and with a job to go to at 5 past 11.

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