Best Tips on How to a Choose Shoe Rack

14 January 2022

Women own more shoes than men, but on average, each is considered owning 19 pairs of shoes. Regardless of your gender, 19 pairs of shoes are probably more than you need, and leaving them unorganized can result in a very untidy home. But, with the right shoe rack, you can neatly store your shoes in a small space where they will be easily accessible and protected from dust. Although everyone has different needs, this general guideline will help you choose the right shoe rack for your need.

Evaluate Your Available Space

The first thing to consider is spacing. Any wonderful piece of furniture should fit seamlessly into the area intended for easy accessibility and aesthetics. So, measure the height of your room and the floor space. These measurements will give you an idea of whether to purchase a tall or a short standing shoe stand ( For example, for a narrow doorway, you can choose a slim design that will occupy less floor space but is tall enough to allow many shelves.

The Design of the Shoe Rack

Your existing theme will guide the style of your shoe rack—It should blend with the surrounding theme of the room. To ensure coherence, try as much as possible to limit your color palette. In other words, your shoe rack color should harmonize the existing colors. Also, pay attention to scale by balancing the materials used in the room. For instance, you can have a shoe rack with a marble surface and wooden shelves. Remember, style is all about you and what you like. Take a look around and see colors that you like.

Longevity of the Shoe Shelf

You can purchase as many shoe racks as you want, but if you are an economical person, purchasing something durable and of good quality can save you a lot of dimes. For a durable shoe organizer, examine the shoe rack’s material to see how long it will last. The material of a piece of furniture will give an accurate estimate of how long a shoe rack will endure. For example, shoe cabinets made of metal or even wood are of higher quality and survive longer than simple plastic or cloth with a metal frame. However, if you live alone or are often on the road, you should invest in fabric or plastic-based shoe racks. They are very cost-effective and portable.


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